According to recent statistics, the numbers of suspension and debarment actions against companies and individuals has risen dramatically during the last few years. As cited in a recent article I authored for Law360, “[b]etween fiscal year 2009 and FY 2013, the number of suspensions government wide increased from 417 to 887, proposed debarments increased from 750 to 2,229, and debarments increased from 669 to 1,696. The most recent figures, included in a March 31, 2015, report issued by the Interagency Suspension and Debarment Committee, show that dramatic uptick has continued, with 1,009 suspensions, 2,241 proposed debarments, and 1,929 debarments in FY 2014.”

Although challenges to a suspension and debarment action are rare, three cases were filed within the first half of 2015 that may provide insight on this increasingly used administrative tool and ways contractors are contesting the claims.

The full article, “A Welcome Review of Suspension and Debarment Actions,” was published by Law360 on June 30 and is available online.