I offered insights for an article outlining ways that the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union could affect the Washington, D.C. region. My comments are specific to how the transition could impact government contracting and benefit the defense trade.

The full article, “6 Ways Brexit Could Impact Washington Business,” was published by

I offered insights for an article outlining the May 11 proposed rule on recruitment fees and recent guidance on implementation of anti-trafficking compliance programs. The new guidance was issued to clarify a 2012 executive order on human trafficking, which “‘[u]ntil two weeks ago, there really wasn’t any guidance on how to navigate any of this.'”

We recently authored an article discussing recent updates in U.S. sanctions and their effect on companies engaged in international business, including cyber-related sanctions and enforcement.

As stated in the article, “…through enforcement actions against both large and small companies, the government continues to underscore that any company conducting business internationally – whether directly or through

I provided further analysis of my January 5, 2016 blog post in a Law360 article. Both the article and blog post outline some of the common mistakes contractors make in their proposal process that create issues preventing them from receiving an award.

Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Todd Overman authored “Ten Unique Issues to Consider When Buying or Selling a Government Contractor,” outlining 10 helpful tips unique to acquisitions involving government contractors. The areas discussed include:

  1. Structuring the transaction – stock vs. asset purchase?
  2. How to deal with a corporate conversion
  3. Novation tips for the unwary
  4. Will

Bass, Berry & Sims attorneys Thad McBride and Cheryl Palmeri authored “International trade and commercial transactions in the United States: overview,” a Q&A guide to the regulation of international trade and commercial transactions in the United States. The guide includes information related to the following categories:

  1. Recent trends
  2. Contracts for the sale of goods
  3. Storage

According to recent statistics, the numbers of suspension and debarment actions against companies and individuals has risen dramatically during the last few years. As cited in a recent article I authored for Law360, “[b]etween fiscal year 2009 and FY 2013, the number of suspensions government wide increased from 417 to 887, proposed debarments increased from

I recently co-authored an article with my colleagues John Kelly, Bryan King and Robert Platt discussing the vital steps that government contractors should take when conducting an internal investigation. As outlined in the article,  the following measures are key components of any internal investigation:

  1. Assembling an appropriate investigation team
  2. Preserving privilege
  3. Preparing an investigation

I recently authored an article outlining a recent decision impacting the affiliation requirements between mentors and protégés when entering into a joint venture. As affirmed in the recent case, a mentor and protégé may enter into a joint venture to compete for government contracts, but must adhere to the strict SBA regulations to be considered.